5 Signs That It’s Time for Eavestrough Replacement

A home’s Eavestroughs are one of its most important parts. Often referred to as gutters, it’s important to know when it is time to replace or repair them. Gutters divert water from the home’s walls, doors, windows, and foundation. Perhaps most importantly, gutters keep water out of the home. Use these signs as indications of the need for service.


While small cracks may not seem that serious, they’ll eventually turn into a major problem. If small cracks are left unattended, water will cause severe damage to the fascia boards and shingles. Worse yet, the damage may go all the way to the foundation, which costs more to repair than gutters do to replace.

Peeling Paint Nearby

The paint on an eavestrough is designed to endure seasons of wear and tear. Unless they’re very old, peeling paint or orange flakes may indicate a rust issue. It may also mean the gutters continually retain water because they’re not doing their job.

Pools of Water or Signs of Mildew Around the Foundation

While it’s alarming to see mildew anywhere on the home, if there are pools of water or signs of mildew near the foundation, it almost always means that the gutters should be replaced. If the gutters drip, it could be due to something as minor as a clog, but it could point to defects within the entire system. Regardless of the cause, pooling water leads to significant foundation damage.

Sagging and Pulling

One of the surest ways to determine whether to replace or repair the gutters is to see whether they’re pulling away or sagging. If they are, it shows that the eavestrough is full, which may mean:

A debris blockage
Improper drainage
A poorly chosen system
Broken or Missing Fasteners

Screws, nails, and other fasteners secure the gutters to the roof while keeping them level. If there are only a few missing, repairs may be sufficient. However, if homeowners continually find fasteners on the ground, gutter replacement may be the only viable option.

Call the Pros for Eavestrough Replacement

For years, the company has provided eavestrough repair and replacement services to residents. If a homeowner is undecided as to whether they should repair gutters, the Residential Roofing experts will guide them toward a sustainable, economical solution.

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